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Should I authorize the OverDrive app with my library card, Facebook account, or OverDrive account?

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When the OverDrive app is installed, a user is prompted to sign up using a library card, sign up using Facebook, or create an OverDrive account. The syncing titles across devices feature is available whether a user authorizes the app with an OverDrive account or a library card. However, users who might belong to multiple libraries (like Metro and, by way of our reciprocal lending agreement, Pioneer Library System) might consider using an OverDrive account since it will allow the user to tie multiple library cards to the same OverDrive account, hence syncing these saved libraries in the app. Another feature of the OverDrive account is that it can also be used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions so a user wouldn’t need to manage both an Adobe ID and OverDrive account.

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