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How do I connect and share wirelessly to a Solstice TV display in the Bethany conference room?

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Download and Setup

Download and install the Solstice Pod client by entering the IP address on the screen into your browser.

Once installed:

  • Open the client application
  • If prompted, enter your name

Connecting to Display

With the application running:

  • You should see a list of all the Solstice Pods on WeWork's global network by default


  • You can narrow the list by clicking "Tags" on the top right and filtering for your country, city, and / or WeWork location


  • Or, you can click the Search box to the left of Tags, and search for your display by name
  • Click on your display when you've found it, then enter the “Screen Key” (four character password shown in the bottom left of the room display)
  • Press "Ok"


  • You should now be connected to the display
  • An icon will appear on the lower left corner of the display representing each user that has successfully connected

Sharing Content to Display

  • Click “Desktop” under “Share Something” to begin mirroring your desktop to the screen


  • The client window will change to reflect that content is now being shared


If you need to share audio:

  • Click the switch next to “Desktop Audio” and make sure the screen’s speakers are turned up
    • Please note that Mac users will be prompted to install an audio driver - once installed, you may need to restart the Client for audio streaming to begin
  • When streaming audio, you can control the volume right from your computer

To stop sharing:

  • From the “Share” tab, select "Stop Sharing Desktop"
  • You will still be connected to the Solstice Pod, so you can quickly start sharing again if needed

To disconnect:

  • All users should stop sharing
  • Click the “Disconnect” button on the top right to end the session.
  • This will clear all posts, log all users out of the session, and change the Screen Key for the next session.