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When trying to sign in to my library account, I see the error "The credentials entered are incorrect." What does this mean?

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This means that an incorrect last name and/or card number was entered.

To sign in to your library account, you need to enter all the digits of your library card number.

  • If you have an ECARD number, enter that word along with the trailing digits with no spaces between them. For example: ecard1234567
  • If your card number has a lowercase letter "c" at the end, do not include it when you enter your card number.

The password will be your full last name. If your last name is hyphenated or has a space or apostrophe, you will have to enter that hyphen, space or apostrophe and if that doesn't work, try your last name without the hyphen, space or apostrophe and let us know if you would like us to correct your name as we have it in our records.