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Do you have guest passes for computers?

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All 19 libraries issue free internet access cards (aka "guest passes") for public computer use. All computers are equipped with internet access, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.), and black and white and color printers. There is no daily time limit on computer use. Computer use sessions are reserved via a registration computer. 

You can use a computer for up to 1 hour. If there is no one waiting to use a computer, you can continue to use it in increments of 30 minutes. If at any time there is a waiting list and you have used the computer for at least 1 hour, then at the next 30 minute interval, you will have to register again to be placed on the waiting list.

There are express computers at the Downtown Library, the Belle Isle Library, the Midwest City Library, the Southern Oaks Library, and The Village Library that allow anyone with a library card or an internet guest pass to sign up for a 15-minute session when the computer is available. These "quick access" computers do not offer time extensions or reservations, and you can print to the public printer for $.10\page for black and white or $.50\page for color. 

We also have free Wi-Fi available at every library.