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Why isn't Libby syncing my reading/listening progress across my devices?


If Libby isn't syncing between devices, you should be able to fix the issue by removing and then adding your library card(s) on all your devices.

Note: Your loans and holds will reappear on your Shelf when you re-add your cards.

  1. Remove your card(s) from Libby on all of your devices:
    • Open Libby and tap on the Menuicon at the top right > See Library Cards.
    • Tap Actions on a card.
    • Tap Remove Card, then Yes, Remove Card.
    • Repeat on all devices and for all cards.
  2. Add your card(s) to Libby on only one of your devices:
    • Open Libby and tap on the Menuicon at the top right > Add A Library Card.
    • Tap Choose Your Location or Enter Library Account Details and follow the prompts to add your card.
    • To add another card for the same library: Go to Menu> See Library Cards > Add Another Card.
    • To add a card from a different library: Go to Menu> Add A Library, find and open a library, then tap Menu> See Library Cards > Add A Card.
  3. Use a setup code to copy your card(s) to your other devices:
    • On your other devices, go to Menu> Libby wordmark at the bottom of the menu > Meet Libby (Again).
    • When asked if you have a library card, tap Yes, then Copy From My Other Device.
    • On the device with your cards already added, tap and hold Menuuntil the setup code appears.
    • Enter the 8-digit setup code on your other devices.
    • In the next view, you'll see your newly added library cards. Tap Next to complete the setup process.
Your loans, holds, progress, bookmarks, notes, and highlights should now sync properly between your devices.