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How do I suggest that the library buy a title?

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If we don't own a title in a physical format (e.g. book, DVD, CD etc.), you can suggest we purchase it using this form which is found at the top left corner of our catalog, and in the Can't Find It? section on the Browse and Borrow page.

If we don't own a title in a digital format (i.e. eBook or eAudiobook), you can search the OverDrive catalog for the title and in the Didn't find what you were looking for? section on the bottom of the search results page, you may click Recommend for us to considering adding this title to our collection. You can make up to 4 recommendations for purchase every 30 days. If the title isn't available in the Didn't find what you're looking for? section of our OverDrive catalog, this means that either the publisher has not made this title available in a digital format, or OverDrive has not acquired the rights to the title in this format. This most often occurs with eAudiobooks in that publishers will release a title as an eBook but not as an eAudiobook.