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How do I log in to my account?

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To sign in to your library account or to your OverDrive account, you will need to enter all 8 digits of your library card number (if your card number has less than 8 digits, add enough zeros to the front of your number until it is 8 digits long) or if your card number starts with ecard, enter that word along with the 7 trailing digits. The password will be your full last name. If your last name is hyphenated or has a space or apostrophe, you will have to enter that hyphen, space, or apostrophe and if that doesn't work, try your last name without the hyphen, space, or apostrophe and let us know if you would like us to correct your name.

To sign in to your library account: At, click the My Account button at the top. (If using a smartphone, tap the Find Books link instead.) 

NOTE: After clicking My Account, if you see a blank page that never loads, you are probably using an outdated browser that is incompatible with our catalog. As of 2017, our catalog supports the 2 most recent versions of Internet Explorer (10 and 11), Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and the 2 most recent versions of Safari.

To sign in to your OverDrive account: Visit and click the Sign in button or the 3 books icon at the top.