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How do I reserve a study room or meeting room at the library?

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NOTE: Study rooms and meeting rooms are not available to book during our Grab & Go phase of reopening.

Study rooms are free rooms, intended for small groups, that can be booked in a single 2-hour block at

As of March 2020, here are the study rooms available for use:

Bethany Library (6700 NW 35th)

  • 4: Six-person capacity

Capitol Hill Library (327 SW 27th St)

  • 2: Six-person capacity
  • 2: Four-person capacity

Downtown Library (300 Park Ave)

  • 1: Five-person capacity
  • 1: Four-person capacity
  • 3: Three-person capacity

Jones Library (9295 Willa Way)

  • 1: Six-person capacity

Northwest Library (5600 NW 122nd St)

  • 4: Eight-person capacity
  • 2: Twelve-person capacity

Southern Oaks Library (6900 S. Walker Ave)

  • 2: Six-person capacity

Village Library (10307 N. Penn Ave)

  • 4: Four-person capacity

Meeting rooms are rented by the hour, intended for larger groups, and are reserved on this page. Businesses, private individuals, and private groups who are certified as 501(c)(3) organizations will receive a discount of 50% off the hourly rental rate. Groups booking a meeting room for at least a 4 hour block will receive a 25% discount on their booking.