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I see an error saying an Libby/OverDrive eBook has been downloaded or fulfilled by another user or account. How do I fix this?

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This error occurs when you try to download a borrowed eBook that you've already downloaded to another device, and the software on that device was signed into (or "authorized") with a different OverDrive account, library card, or Adobe ID than you're using now. Here are some error messages you may see in the OverDrive app or Adobe Digital Editions in this scenario:

  • This title has been downloaded using a different account. Authorize this app with the same OverDrive account (or Adobe ID) you originally used to download the title.

To fix and prevent this error, make sure you're using the same OverDrive account, library card, or Adobe Digital Editions on all of the devices that you're using to access eBooks.

For instructions on deauthorizing/reauthorizing your account, please visit this page.

Note: Adobe Digital Editions cannot be authorized using a library card.