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Why am I seeing the "Your session has expired" message when I use the Libby app?

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If you get a "session expired" error while trying to access the OverDrive collection, select Sign in on the error message. This should sign you back in automatically or take you to the sign in page. If you still get the "session expired" error after signing in, use the steps below to clear your cookies before trying to sign in again:

  1. Delete your app cookies:
    • Android, Chromebook, and iOS:
      • Tap the Home menu icon in the top-left corner.
      • Tap Settings.
      • Tap Delete app cookies, then tap to confirm.
    • Windows 8/10: Select Delete cookies at the top of the library collection screen.
  2. On our OverDrive catalog page, tap My account then Sign out.
  3. Close the app.
  4. Wait 20 minutes, then open the app and try signing in again.

If the issue isn't resolved, try clearing your mobile browser cache and following these steps again.