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How does curbside pick up of holds work?

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You can place a hold for an item online for pick up by going to our catalog.

When it is ready, you will receive a notice by mail, email, or text. You can then come to the library to pick up your item(s). Pick up at most locations will be from 10-7 Monday-Thursday, 10-6 on Friday, 10-5 on Saturday, and 1-6 on Sunday. Once you are in the parking lot, give us a call and use option 3 for curbside pick up. Curbside pickup of holds will be placed in the customer’s trunk, truck bed, or SUV cargo hold.

Phone numbers for all of the locations can be found here.

Edmond is back in its original location at 10 S Boulevard, and we are doing hold pick up there.

See these pages for more information and updates about curbside and our Coronavirus response.