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How can I browse library materials if I can’t come into the library?

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We have a program called Tailored Titles where our librarians can help you find materials of interest to you based on what you’ve enjoyed in the past. To fill out a reading interest survey, subscribe to our genre-based email newsletters, or find more information, please visit our Tailored Titles page.

You can also see what items we have available for checkout on our online catalog. You can enter a title, author, or keyword into the search bar and then filter the results. If you don’t have a particular title, author, or keyword in mind but want to browse all items in a category (e.g. all music CDs, all large print titles, all board books, etc.), you can follow these steps to view all available titles:

  1. Enter [a TO z] in the search bar. Make sure to capitalize “TO” and include the brackets exactly as it’s shown here. That will pull up all available titles in the library system. You can also click this link, which will lead you directly to the catalog with those search results.
  2. Set filters on the left side of the screen (filter by format, audience, publication date, library, etc.)
  3. You can also sort your results at the top of the screen by publication date, title, author, etc.

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