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I see the "unable to acquire license" error message when trying to download an audiobook using Windows

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For Windows desktops and laptops, this error typically occurs when your system time is incorrect, or when an ODM file for an audiobook was downloaded but not opened in Libby's desktop app.

Here's the full error message you may see: "Unable to acquire license to play selected title. The requested license is either invalid or already acquired."

To resolve this error, set your system clock correctly, then download the title again:

  1. Check your computer's system time, date, and time zone settings to ensure they're correct. You can usually access these settings by clicking the clock on your taskbar.
  2. Delete any saved ODM files on your computer.
  3. Clear your temporary internet files.
  4. Download the title from your library's digital collection again and open it immediately. Click here for instructions for Windows 8/10 and here for instructions for Windows 7 and Mac computers.

If the Libby app doesn't automatically open when you download the title, find the ODM file (in your "Downloads" folder by default) and open it.

If the ODM file still isn't opening in Libby's desktop app, you may need to change the file association for ODM files.