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I'm going on vacation. How do I ensure my holds don't become ready while I'm gone?


You can "freeze" a hold so it does not become available for checkout while you are unable to pick it up. When you freeze a hold, you continue to move up in the hold list, but the hold will not be filled for you until the date you specify (or later if you have not reached the top of the holds list or a copy has not become available yet).

For physical titles:

  1. Visit and click My Account at the top.
  2. In the window that pops up, enter all the digits of your library card number. Your password or PIN is your full last name. Click Log In.
    • If you have an ECARD number, enter that word along with the trailing digits with no spaces between them. For example: ecard1234567
    • If your card number has a lowercase letter "c" at the end, do not include it when you enter your card number.
  3. Click on your name in the top right corner and select "Titles On Hold" from the menu. To freeze individual items: click Freeze Hold and choose the date on which you would like to reactivate your holds. To freeze multiple items: select the check box to the left of each title, and then click Freeze Selected at the bottom left. To freeze all of your holds: select Freeze All at the bottom of the page. 

NOTE: If you want to reactivate (or "thaw") your holds before the original date you selected, revisit your holds list and check the box next to each title you want to thaw. At the bottom of the page, click Thaw Selected to reactivate the selected holds. Or, to thaw all of your holds, click Thaw All at the bottom of the page.


For digital titles from Libby:

  1. Select your Shelf (the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like 2 books)
  2. Select "Holds"
  3. For the hold you wish to suspend, select "Manage Hold"
  4. Select "Suspend Hold" and then move the slider to select the number of days you would like to suspend the hold.
  5. If you would like to edit the suspension, go back to "Manage Hold," select "Suspended Hold," and use the slider to change the number of days


You can also suspend holds on Libby after receiving the notification that they are available for checkout. Once you receive the notification one of your holds is available, you can:  

  1. Borrow the title within 3 days
  2. Suspend the hold by selecting “deliver later.” This option passes the book to the next person in line while maintaining your place on the wait list. After the suspension period you set is over, you will be able to borrow the book when the next copy is available.
  3. Cancel the hold.

If you take no action, the hold will automatically be suspended as a one-time courtesy for 7 days. If no action is taken a second time, the hold will be cancelled automatically.


For information on suspending holds on Overdrive, please visit the Overdrive help page.