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I've lost my library card. How do I replace it?

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First, please contact us as soon as possible so we can put a block on your account to prevent someone else from using your card.

To replace your card, please visit any Metro Library location and bring an ID and proof of address (a driver's license with your current address can fulfill both of these). Parents or guardians must provide address verification for minors (16 and under). Examples of identification:

  • Any photo ID issued by the U.S. Federal, Tribal, or any State Government (examples include a driver’s license, Tribal ID, current passport, green card, state employee ID card)
  • Birth certificate
  • Current vehicle insurance verification form
  • Student ID card with a photo of the student on it
  • Acceptable evidence of current school, college, or university enrollment or employment (examples include an official transcript or registrar’s receipt for students; examples for staff include a pay stub or staff ID card)
  • Social Security card
  • Medicare or other medical plan card
  • Current credit card
  • Military ID card; include rank and serial number on the application
  • Voter registration card
  • Personal check with printed name
  • Parent or guardian’s identification for students under age 17 who are unable to provide proof of eligibility, provided the parent or guardian meets eligibility requirements
  • Oklahoma County ad valorem property tax statement
  • Utility bills or receipts postmarked within 30 days
  • Copy of current lease
  • Mortgage paperwork within 90 days of notarization