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How do I use Saved Lists?

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If you find items in your catalog search results that you would like to reference later, you can add each item to a list. Once you have saved items to a list you can view the list in the Your Lists section after clicking on your name at the top right of the page.

To add an item to a list, perform a search and then click on the format of the item you wish to add (Book, Audiobook CD, Large Print, etc.). Click "Add to List."

After clicking the Add to List button, a pop-up displays. Choose a list from the drop-down menu or click "Create a New List." If you create a new list, enter the name of your list and (if desired) a description of the list. You can also choose whether the list will be "Private" or "Public." "Private" means you will be the only person who can access the list. "Private" will enable you to share the list with other people through email or by copying the list URL. Then, click Create to finish creating the list and adding the selected item to it.