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How do I use Saved Lists?

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If you find items in your catalog search results that you would like to reference later, you can add each item to a list. Once you have saved items to a list you can view the list in the Saved Lists section after clicking Your name's Account at the top right of the page.

  1. To add an individual item to a list: perform a search and then click the Add To List button.
    • To add multiple items to a list using List view, select the check box on the right for each title. Use the Select Action drop down menu and click Add To List. You can only add one page at a time to your list. If you have multiple pages in your search results, you will need to use the Add To List option for each page. If you are using Flow view, you can only select one item at a time.
  2. After clicking the Add to List button, a Choose a list pop-up displays Create New List and My List. Refer to the example below.
    • Note: If you have not already signed in, you will be asked to do so.

    add to list

  3. If you click My List, the item will immediately save to My List and a green banner displays at the top of the screen, Your item(s) have been added. The added items will display under the My List name in the Saved Lists section. You can always rename this list later. See Saved Lists for information on how to rename your list.
    • If you click Create New List, an entry box displays and is populated with the search term you used in your search. Click Save to use the search term as your list name. Type a new name if you do not want to use the search term as your list name:

    add to list

  4. Continue to add to the newly created list, selecting the same list name for each item you add. Duplicates selected will not display in the list, but the same items can be on multiple lists.
  5. Start a new list by creating a different name. There is no limit on the number of lists you can create. 
    • The example below shows three lists have already been created: Crafting, Books to read, and Grilling recipes. The displayed title can be added to any of the displayed lists, or a new list can be created by clicking Create New List.
    created lists