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How do I use the catalog?

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Our catalog works like a search engine: instead of applying search filters like "search by author" or "search by title" before your search, you instead enter as many or as few search terms as you like (title, author, series, etc) and apply the search filters after you search. On the search results page, use the search filters on the left side of the page (Format, Author, Series, etc.) to narrow your search results.  

EXAMPLE: Let's search for books by Stephen King.

After performing a search for stephen king, there are hundreds of results from the library catalog. 

Clicking the Author filter on the left, we then choose King, Stephen, 1947- because it has the most titles associated with it so it's obviously the author Stephen King:

Each listing will display buttons indicating which formats are available. You can click on any of these buttons to view the title in these specific formats:

You can also use the "format" filter on the left side of the catalog to sort for books only:

You can continue to filter your search results on the left side of the page until you have the results you want. To sort your search results, use the Sort By... drop down menu at the top of the search results.