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Do you have an app?


We don't have an official "app" but we do have some apps that may help. Our Metro Checkout app will allow you to check in from the curbside when you've arrived at a library to pick up your holds. Our Ask a Librarian app allows you to call, email, text or chat with us, to explore our FAQ site (which you're on right now!), and to learn about our current services and hours of operation.

Finally, while we don't have an app for our website or catalog, our site is optimized for mobile devices (specifically smartphones) so when you visit it using your smartphone, it will be formatted to fit your screen. When you access our catalog from your smartphone, it is designed to look and work just as an app would. You can also add a shortcut to the catalog ( to your home screen so you can launch it just as you do the rest of your apps. This page has directions on how to add a website to your home screen from any smartphone or tablet.