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Can fines on my account prevent me from checking out books?


If the balance of fines and fees on your account reaches $50, you will not be able to borrow materials until the balance is paid below $50. To pay your fines:

  1. Visit and click My Account at the top.
  2. In the window that pops up, enter all 8 digits of your library card number and your last name and click Log In.
    • If you have an ECARD number, enter that word along with the trailing digits with no spaces between them. For example: ecard1234567
    • If your card number has a lowercase letter "c" at the end, do not include it when you enter your card number.
  3. On the Account Summary tab, click View Fines.
  4. Check the boxes to select whether to pay all or some of your fines and then click Pay Fines.

A balance of $50 or more will not prevent you from attending library programs, using library computers, or using materials in the library.