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How do I change the default checkout period for eBooks/audiobooks?

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By default, eBooks and downloadable audiobooks from OverDrive check out for 7 days but you can change this lending period to 14 days.

Note: Only titles that you borrow after changing this setting will be affected by the new lending period. The lending period for titles you've already borrowed will not change.

To change your default lending period:

  1. Visit and click the 3 books icon at the top.
  2. Enter all 8 digits of your library card number (if your card number has less than 8 digits, add enough zeros to the front of your number until it is 8 digits long; if your card number starts with ecard, enter that word along with the 7 trailing digits) and your full last name and click Sign In.
  3. Click on the Settings link at the left. 
  4. Pick the desired lending period for each format. Your settings are saved automatically.

With our always available eBook collection from EBSCO, you choose a lending period for downloaded eBooks of 1-21 days and you have an unlimited lending period for eBooks read in your browser.

With our always available eBook and audiobook collection from hoopla, you cannot change the default lending period of 21 days.

With our always available, indie and self-published eBook collection from Biblioboard, there is an unlimited lending period.

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